Monday, March 22, 2010

Grimness 69 - ill Heaven Hells

Its always better to be jack of one trade than be a jack of all trades. Thats how the saying goes so. However it doesn't apply to Grimness 69 at all, considering the fact that they play a hybrid of death,grind and thrash. Managing to fuse the sounds of these genres brilliantly into a giant collosal grinding soundwave, Grimness have portrayed grindcore in a new light.

Their new album ill Heaven Hells rides on a groove that's maintained through out the album whcich at times aptly reminds you about Pungent Stench. Fascinating punk riffs and a technical yet rapid drumm battery are some the aspects of the album that can be held in high regards. Vocals are performed in form of growls, a good stomach-y growl minus the cookie monster feel. And inspite the use of distortions on voice, the growls remain clear and audible.yrically, the topics covered in the album are bizzare like angelwhores of which I have no clue about.

Melodic contents have been upped by Grimness in the album and this factor plys a spoilsport. And due to this it sometime makes you wonder that maybe the band would have sounded more brutal and gore-ish had the amount of melody put into the record been reduced exponentially. However there are tracks in ill Heaven Helss that churn your biles instantly giving you a solid headbanging experience like PostMortem Blues, The Infernal Dancefloor and Grimness Avenue 69, with the later being a bloody good instrumental track.

The album also packs some extra punches due to the good production quality, without which half the gut-wrenchinf feel would have been lost. And though the more-than-normal/usual-use of-melody-in-grind tick your consciousness off your mind, on the whole ill Heaven Hells is one solid grindcore album that manages to mix up the gastric and the pancretic juices in your belly/guts, satisfying your deepest gore needs.

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