Monday, May 31, 2010

Defeated Sanity - Chapters of Repugnance

You dont speak. Not a single word. No utterance whatsoever. Not squeals or grunts or any such thing. You just listen. Silently. With patience. In awe. In amazement. You're held at the mercy of the creator's power. You dont move. You just follow. diligently. With reason and accordance.Without stopping for a pause. Yes, at times you ask yourself 'Why is this happening'? 'Is this reality?' or 'Have I stepped back in time?' And then when you're trying to search for the answer, only two words flashes through your mind - 'Defeated Sanity'. Irony.

Only once in this whole lifetime (from Big Bang till now), a Blue moon has been witnessed.Literally. Only once in this lifetime a more-than-classic death metal album gets released. Chapters of Repugnance. With a supertight song structure where every element falls into place like domino effect, it gives you the feeling as though you're re-living the classic death metal era when albums like 'And Time Begins' or 'Upon The Throne of Apocalypse' ruled the roost. But then you listen closer, and soon you notice the elements that make it more than classic. The hooks, the speed, unaccounted tempo shifts and the gravity of its complexity finally makes you realize the band has come full circle in Chapters of Repugnance. Intense.

Brutality in the album is unmatched by no other album as evident in tracks like 'Calculated Barbarity' and 'Lurid Assimilation' where all the right riffs and right drum patterns assimilate together in a perfect showcase of their brutality. Zenith of their capability. Needless to say the fusion drums are used once again by Lille Grubber and this time it sounds better than it did in Psalms or Prelude. Ex-Disgorge vox AJ Magana does the perfect vocals, shrouding the album in his guttural wails that adds up greatly to the instruments. The band have however not gone overboard with their inimitable style of technicality. And that has been an intelligent choice considering the brutal patterns in the structures are best heard without much of the technical wankery.

In all 'Chapters of Repugnance' is the only album that can safely and proudly claim the moniker 'Most brutal release' it displays on it cover. And not just that. Keeping in mind about every single element that counts in calling an album 'Death Metal', Defeated Sanity have made a magnum opus of death metal music in Chapters of Repugnance. Keeping in mind about the very fundamental essence of death metal, Defeated Sanity have set the bar high for other bands to follow. However I don't expect that to be broken in quite a long time. Like I said before, such things don't occur often, it happens once in a blue moon. And the next blue moon is pretty far away in the future, till then you have Chapters of Repugnance.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Agorapocalypse

Every dog has its day. With Agorapocalypse, Agoraphobic Nosebleed have finally made their presence felt with their ear-grabbing, arm ripping and putrefying style of grind which they were till now unable to reciprocate in Altered States of America and Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope. I say shit happens listening to their old stuff, cause Scott Hull and Co. have made a such a remarkable turnaround in the album that, Agoraphobic Nosebleed can now be rightfully termed 'an established act' in grindcore.

Forget their older 'fuck me for a dime' kinda styled songs that hardly reaches out to you other than giving you timely doses of programmed blastbeats and cave man styled noise rambling. Agorapocalypse has gone high up in my views of respect by incorporating thrash styled riffs and an additional vocals that lends a new dissonant sound to the album. Even more impressing is the point that the album is overtly simple and yet it crushes you under its sonical weight, over empowering your senses and assaulting you senses out and out under its notes. Scott Hull once again shows his knack for playing killer riffs and all this adds up perfectly with Randall's deranged shrieks while newbie Katz provides unnerving shrieks from a different angle. The vocals match up with each other in such an amazing manner that you cant help but feel agoraphobic listening to the album.

More than all this its the drumming that totally shook me down to the very bottom of my soul. Mind numbing drumbeats that keep on pounding on and on, play an a very effective role in a lending a new sound to the album. But it needs to be noted here that the drums are not programmed to play at lightning fast speeds anymore. Its more layered and less mindless thrashing is approached in Agorapocalypse, giving it more space to breathe. The programmed drumming in the album is smart, with clever breakdowns and blastbeats employed amidst various tempo changes through put the album.Songs are wonderfully structured as the musical elements do not repeat at all.And this is the best litmus test a band can take to prove whether they are playing good music or not. Needless to say the guys in Agoraphobic pass this one with an ace.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed have finally come of their age in this album. Forget the past, start the future with a new beginning seems to be the option they are pursuing at the moment and I totally agree with that after listening to this. And its not just the music that reflects this thought but also the album cover which has cleverly designed to depict a man dying of agoraphobia. Total madness is assured listening to this album. Long Live the new Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Hail grindcore.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Masachist - Death March Fury

With the amount of filth piling up my neck, not every tom, dick and harry in a metal band that employs distorted guitars with blastbeats and deep growls call their music death metal. The music needs to portray the meaning behind its conception and hence its consequential existence amidst so many other albums floating in the market. Death March Fury is the debut album of Polish band, supergroup in reality - Masachist. Why supergroup? Well if Pig( ex- Decapitated), Daray( ex- Vader, Vesania and Dimmu Borgir), Thrufel(ex Azarath), Heinrich(Vesania) and Aro(Shadows Land, I've never heard this particular act though) play together, you call it a supergroup you miserable penishead. Just by the virtue of being supergroup, metalheads expect some ass-ripping music from them. Such is not the case when you listen to Contraband and Damnocracy, when you realize why their music classifies them so well to be called as faggots.

However, fear not! Masachist are no cum-shitting, ball sucking faggots. They play metal. Death Metal. Good. Real good. Death March Fury is a solid death metal album where Sauron and Co. unleash their fury over seminal themes of apocalypse, rage and death. Masachist furiously pounds your senses for a good 26 minutes like a closed, tightly packed tank division decimating its enemies through and out. With meaty riffs and blastbeats aplenty, Masachist cleverly succeeds in providing a musical portrait for death,fury and apocalypse. Brutality quotient is unquestionable in the album as the nonstop blastbeats amidst the abrupt halts ,during which slower, heavier riffs take overs the furious mood of the album to explode your sickening skull to bits.

The vocals are more on the raspy side of the death metal nature rather than stressing on the growls, which would have without a doubt sounded better. However having said that I must say I liked the vocals considering that it was done by none other than the legendary - Pig. Songs are superbly structured without bothering over complexity or long structures. And with that you are never allowed notice any mis-match of musical elements in any tracks. And there's no question in doubting their technical capabilities in handling the instruments. Stick to the point, on your face seems to be the approach the members took in Death March Fury. A very effective one too without a doubt.

Having come till here, I have nothing to complain about this album. A good mashup of god old Malevolent Creation, Deicide style death meta and European metal, Masachist have done well in their debut. Without any overt usage of production skills, the albums sounds just fine. Moreover when you look at the lineup, you expect them to deliver. And they have delivered in Death March Fury. Listen to it or you're truly a well deserved dickhead.