Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Masachist - Death March Fury

With the amount of filth piling up my neck, not every tom, dick and harry in a metal band that employs distorted guitars with blastbeats and deep growls call their music death metal. The music needs to portray the meaning behind its conception and hence its consequential existence amidst so many other albums floating in the market. Death March Fury is the debut album of Polish band, supergroup in reality - Masachist. Why supergroup? Well if Pig( ex- Decapitated), Daray( ex- Vader, Vesania and Dimmu Borgir), Thrufel(ex Azarath), Heinrich(Vesania) and Aro(Shadows Land, I've never heard this particular act though) play together, you call it a supergroup you miserable penishead. Just by the virtue of being supergroup, metalheads expect some ass-ripping music from them. Such is not the case when you listen to Contraband and Damnocracy, when you realize why their music classifies them so well to be called as faggots.

However, fear not! Masachist are no cum-shitting, ball sucking faggots. They play metal. Death Metal. Good. Real good. Death March Fury is a solid death metal album where Sauron and Co. unleash their fury over seminal themes of apocalypse, rage and death. Masachist furiously pounds your senses for a good 26 minutes like a closed, tightly packed tank division decimating its enemies through and out. With meaty riffs and blastbeats aplenty, Masachist cleverly succeeds in providing a musical portrait for death,fury and apocalypse. Brutality quotient is unquestionable in the album as the nonstop blastbeats amidst the abrupt halts ,during which slower, heavier riffs take overs the furious mood of the album to explode your sickening skull to bits.

The vocals are more on the raspy side of the death metal nature rather than stressing on the growls, which would have without a doubt sounded better. However having said that I must say I liked the vocals considering that it was done by none other than the legendary - Pig. Songs are superbly structured without bothering over complexity or long structures. And with that you are never allowed notice any mis-match of musical elements in any tracks. And there's no question in doubting their technical capabilities in handling the instruments. Stick to the point, on your face seems to be the approach the members took in Death March Fury. A very effective one too without a doubt.

Having come till here, I have nothing to complain about this album. A good mashup of god old Malevolent Creation, Deicide style death meta and European metal, Masachist have done well in their debut. Without any overt usage of production skills, the albums sounds just fine. Moreover when you look at the lineup, you expect them to deliver. And they have delivered in Death March Fury. Listen to it or you're truly a well deserved dickhead.

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