Thursday, September 10, 2009

Amogh Symphony - Abolishing The Obsolete System

These days its very rare to find musicians who strive to take their music to the next dimension. Its even more rare when it comes to the modern technical Death genre, where every band sounds like every band, falling dreadfully into the pit of recurring sounds. But what makes this particular album in contention even more rare is the simple fact that its from India, a land where most bands are busy aping their western counterparts.

And this where Vishal J.Singh's Amogh Symphony enters the scene, bringing with him a brand of music that has changed the face of technical Death/Progressive Metal genre forever, leaving the listeners in a state of amazement with their jaws dropped. Vishal J.Singh is a musical genius handling all the instruments with adept skills in his first full-length release.The basslines heard in the album are possibly some of the best you can ever come across and not forget the his skillful drumming which simply establishes him as a drumming virtuoso. The riffs heard in the album including the acoustic ones heard in the closing track ''Post War Symphony'' also go on to prove nothing but Vishal's a guitar wizard too. And its not just the instruments which he handles so well, the album's wonderful sound production is all due to Vishal's fantastic efforts again.

What makes the album so different from other acts of this genre is the simple fact that Vishal plays an intricate style of technical Death Metal in the album fusing Jazz elements wonderfully alongside Indian classical music influences as well as techno-synth sounds as heard in tracks like Cyborg Activation and Abolishing The Obsolete System. And its the inclusion of such structures that soon engulfs the listener in a cosmic atmosphere, making him anticipate each track with such a zeal that pretty soon he may find his head banging to the beats of the album.

The whole album unquestionably sounds like one great song where every track sounds like a part of a greater track, with every track maintaining it's own unique identity. And this is where lies Amogh Symphony's beauty. Single masterpieces joining together in greater harmony to form a larger magnum opus. So far as vocals are concerned, they are a scarce commodity in album except in Swallowing The Infected Sun' where its performed by Ramki (vocalist of Chicago based Prog Death outfit Noesis) and in ''Greenhouse Effect'' by Prashant Vadhyar.

And even without all the growling/throaty vocals one expects in a Tech-Death Metal album, "Abolishing The Obsolete System" carries the Tech-Death Metal vibe. In fact the album manages to sound pretty neat minus the vocals. All in all Amogh Symphony pulls off a brilliant masterpiece in his new album without any flaws worth mentioning. The magic Vishal spins with his skills is simply awe-inspiring and I just cant stop imagining how his next album might sound like after his latest venture that was Abolishing The Obsolete System.

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