Saturday, September 5, 2009

Porcupine Tree in India

Veteran British prog rockers Porcupine Tree are slated to play their first ever gig in India on 21st December in Mood Indigo festival in IIT,Bombay.

After getting Finnish melo-death metallers Ensiferum to headline their fest last year, the nerds supremo at IIT have managed to pull in another heavyweight in their own genre in the form of Porcupine Tree. But then the Ensiferum gig was apparently a big fuck-up considering the negative audience response( that was bound to happen, afterall when free passes are handed out then even your next door neighbour's father is bound to end up in a show, be it even a metal one) and seeing that I am now wondering if the Porcupine Tree gig too is headed in the same direction.

However their Chennai counterparts did a better job in in hosting Opeth, which witnessed a huge turnout and the response too was on a larger and positive note.

Eitherways I am even more perplexed by the fact that bands of such status actually come down to India to play in college fests on invitation rather than performing in their own tours or any music festivals. In short this is another disappointing sign that metal music is heading the commercial way with bands coming here only for the money!

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