Monday, October 5, 2009

Resurrection - Embalmed Existence

If you thought only Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Deicide were the only Floridian bands that played ass ripping death metal music, then you're wrong. From the same region that gave us Death,Obituary comes another overlooked band Resurrection, who are equally adept in splitting your ears apart with their fiery brand of death metal that revolves around Paul Degoyler's wicked vocals and terrific guitar rhythms. The Dan Seagrave cover art and Alex Marquez's drumming , further goes on to fortify the album's stand as being one of Resurrection's best record till date.

''FUCK YEAH'', was what I screamed out loud as the starting track Disembodied played, packing rows of furious punches into my senses as I tried to get in term with the raw brutality of the music. Drum master's Marquez pummelling double bass beats at rapid pace will totally leave in awe at his skilful, precision drumming. Drums, in fact is the album's best instrument. The album is produced in such a way that each track owns the next as it builds the tempo harmonically. The riffs in the album are quite excellent too, though you cant call them as ingenious as the drums. But nevertheless the riffs are delivered in a ravishing manner with a precison next to Malevolent Creation's. Vocals too are well done, which gives you the feel that the lyrics are snarled upon the mic.

So the drums and guitars were handled pretty well, was the bass handled well too? My answer to that would be a firm no. The bass is very rarely heard throughout the record and the effect it creates is very minimal, which is a real let-down. An irritating point of Embalmed Existence is that almost every track opens with a narration or intro, which is totally not enjoyable and leaves you dumbfounded thinking what in the name of god made them add those parts. And if Resurrection had not come up with such crushing piece of death metal that follows it, the album would've totally deserved to be in your trash can. Pure Be Damned is the only track that lacks the annoying intros. Strictly speaking each track on the album is enjoyable( obviously minus the intros!) that lets you let your hair loose in the chaotic headbanging that goes along with every track playing, especially in Torture Chamber and the title track, Embalmed Existence.

In short, Resurrection's Embalmed existence is an album that any death metal purist would love to have. Bringing along the old school feel of the 90's the album is furious in its approach and will leave the listener decimated with their music. Resurrection's music makes up for their stupid venture into adding not-so-funny intros or else the album would've disastrous right from the start. If its pure death metal you want, then its pure death metal yo shall have in Resurrection's Embalmed Existence.

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