Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bhayanak Maut

Sheer sonic assault - these words best describes the brand of music that Bhayanak Maut has come to be associated with over the years of their existence. And this is exactly what you experience the moment you hit the play button in your music player containing the latest full length untitled album from Bhayanak Maut - an onslaught of furious thrashing and gut-wrenching vocals. Chugging along with maniacal aggression along with neatly placed riffs and thunderous percussion beats that constantly accompanies the sick vocals from Vinay And Sunny, Bhayanak Maut pulls out all stops in their latest album.

Expansion is the term that best sums up the new album’s difference from the band’s previous release, and its the addition of a second vocalist Sunny of Amidst The Chaos fame that makes a profound impact to the band’s music this time. The two vocalist concept adds an extra depth in the band that was previously unseen in any other Indian band. In form guitarists Venky and Adithya hammer out solid riffs after riffs keeping things simple and uncomplicated. And these mammoth riffs accompany the groove-laced drums by Rahul that makes him one of the best drummers around the country. Where as Vinit Bharucha is steady as ever and definitely knows his way around the bass guitar. The production of the album is also pretty solid giving the band a nice, meaty sound. The bass sometimes get hidden behind the roaring guitar but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The album starts on a high note with pummeling beats of Habemus Papum, with the intro sounding similar to a regular Lamb of God track. By the time the track ends, I find myself growling along with the music into the fist with my head bobbing up and down in response to the manic atmosphere that the album succeeds in creating. And this pretty much sums up the kind of experience the album provides to the listeners. The maniacal sonic frenzy from the opening track continues along to the next ones keeping the listeners busy banging their heads. Ungentle, one of the albums best and grooviest tracks buffets the ears with sheets of steel. Other songs like Becoming, Violate, MNS Messenger are high on the headbanging and mosh factor as well, providing a solid listening experience. The frenzied screams along with the neatly placed riffs also make Blasted Beyond Relief another excellent track.

The only thing that lets you down in the album is that, after a certain point things tend to get monotonous. Except in the penultimate track where the odd soundtrack played by the band at a much slower tempo provides a break from the humdrum before thrashing its way to the end at a higher tempo again. However a minor glitch as that shouldn’t stand in your way to buying the album. The new avatar of the band after Sunny’s inclusion is nothing short of monstrous. And the new album must be bought to believe their latest incarnation. Bhayanak Maut have created a serious ass kicking behemoth in their new album, and if this is what they can do now, I shudder at how powerful they might grow in a few years.

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