Friday, August 21, 2009

GWAR - Lust In Space

Its been just 3 years since Beyond Hell had released and now men in costumes are back with a big bang! 43 billion years old Oderus Urungus and his band of scumdogs have once again succeded in decimating the listeners with their juicy riffs and delectable choice of wrong lyrics in Lust In Space. With this release, Gwar paints the town red with its musical debauchery and and terifyingly good serving of daft themed heavy metal.

Despite losing some of its best members like Sexecutioner, Slymenstra Hymen and tEchno Destructo, Gwar have produced their most solid record till date in Lust In Space barring the classic Scumdogs of Universe of course. After the hit-and-miss contents of its previous albums, Gwar has brough back the raunchy shenanigans making you chuckle as you listen to tracks like Where Is Zog and Make A Child Cry. Another thing worth mentioning would be that the band has clearly moved on from its 80's base punk sound into a more hardcore influenced crossover thrash saving them from stagnation.

And this is best noticed in the title track where the incorporation of breakdowns and harmonies are clearly observed. Moreover the overall musical skill of the band as a whole seems to have gone up as well, with BalSac and Flattus churning out cauldrons of ass-kicking guitar solos that are nothing short of fretboard masturbation. Apart from the usual retarded tracks that Gwar usually come up with, there are faster and meatier tracks too in the album like in Lords and Masters. Hoever the highlight of the album is when the track Release The Flies comes up the playlist, as this is where you'll hear the most funkiest structure Gwar has ever come up with.

Overall Lust In Space puts Gwar back in the spotlight that had first got them noticed, after their disappointing ventures in their previous albums. More importantly humor isn't lacking in the album, or else the album would have turned out be another puff. Blending retarded lyrics with the killer riffs is something that only Gwar has been capable of, and that's exactly what you get when you play this album. So if you are looking for an oppurtunity to let your hair down to some utterly meaningless yet funny shit , then Lust InSpace is just meant for you.

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