Monday, August 31, 2009

Municipal Waste - Massive Aggressive

Finally some in-your-face thrash after a long time. And thats what you get in Municipal Waste's latest release Massive Aggressive which slams out thirteen blistering tracks under a period of half hour. But then who's gonna complain about it when the genre in question is crossover thrash. For quite some time now Municpal Waste have been leading the thrash revival, and they do so with style as seen in this album. Incorporating punk charcteristics with thrash syles while letting out an array of mosh riffs, Waste pay tribute to Nuclear Assault and Exodus whose influence is clearly seen through the record.

With more crisper riffs and catchier choruses in the album, Massive Aggressive clearly shows that the band's music has matured considerably since their previous outing in Art of Partying which is still considered their seminal piece. And its not just the music that has evolved, but the lyrical quality has gone up too in the album as heard in tracks like Upside Down Church. The band in fact triumphs in maintaining the aggression through the album.

Ryan Waste tears the fretboard apart with his killer riffs in songs like Shredded Offering. The efforts over the bass and drums are pretty commendable as well.Tony Foresta is in the top of his form as he lets go of his vocal prowess in tracks like Massive Aggressive and Wolves of Chernobyl. One of the highlighting track of the album is Wrong Answer that features some of the catchiest riffs of the record while shifting pace from frenzied stampede to a moderate groove. Mech - Cannibal and Relentless Threat are other killer tracks from this album.

Massive Agressive is a standard crossover fare that includes upbeat musicianship alongwith quality song writing. The album once again proves why they are leading the resurgence of thrash movement with out any doubt. And after this amazing fare, I wonder what comes next from Municipal Waste

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