Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cormorant - Metazoa

October was a very boring when it came to new album releases. September was more fun, and so I shall continue to put up the reviews of some really amazing September albums this month. And so I shall start with Cormorant's latest album Metazoa which brings a fresh wind of change in the stagnating melodic death scene which has seen such a spurt in bands playing the Gothenburg sound that I almost started to get bugged of it. Yes, there are good bands like Insomnium, Ensiferum apart from much-hyped In Flames, At The Gates but then just 2 out of thousand is not enough to keep the scene going.

And this where Cormorant comes in kicks all the lame bands ass who ape other bands and call the sound their original creation. Cock shit to such fucking bands!The riffs in the album are mighty mighty good that crushes everything else to smithereens such as the starting riffs in Uneasy Lies The Head. One good thing about Cormorant's music is that though their music has several influences ranging from Opeth to Maiden, none are too rampant in a manner that their songs start to sound like them. And this is what sets the perfect mood for checking a new band out, bundles of creativity without widespread lifting of riffs. Metazoa is very well approached album where Cormorant interweaves folk elements with power metalsque moments with the much of its roots lying around in melodic death grounds.

Song structures in the album too gets a firm thumbs up alongside their good use of intelligent lyrics. Using loads of good, real good headbangable riffs their songs have progressive structure and thought they dont venture much into the technicality of their music, their songs nevertheless are very enjoyable. Some of the standout tracks in the album are Emigrant's Wake and Blood on The Cornfields where the riffs are very much in veins of Opeth in the former and the melodies remind of Maiden in the later. Hanging Gardens is another epic song from the album where the wah-wah simply blows your mind apart.

Metazoa is one album that's definitely worth checking out. Unlike so many other newer acts, Cormorant doesn't bore you to death in Metazoa where they have pumped a damned, solid effort. With the kind of effort they put into Metazoa, Cormorant can surely make it big in the future by doling out a more creative approach. Until their next album comes out, check Cormorant''s Metazoa.

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