Sunday, November 15, 2009

Demilich - Nespithe

Demilich is one of the most obscure band that has ever propped up into the death metal scene. Coming from the far plains of Finland, Demilich seems even when wierd compared to the usual Finnish metal scene which has mostly given us power metal bands. However putting together an album, an incredibly bizzare and highly technical album Nespithe in their short span of existence, Demilich captured the notice of metalheads immidiately with this release. With loads of riffs that draws a thin line between the schizoid and constructive technicality, Nespithe enthralls you with its bizzare, tumultous sound that makes you think as though the music is coming from a cosmos of unknown origin.

The music in Nespithe can put you in to a great spot of confusion. If at one point it sounds atmospheric then the same might strike you as a technical piece of creation few moments later. And if you think the album sounds very anarchic, then it might appear to you as quite orderly few seconds later. The riffs in the album are very much dissonant with fairly high pitched sounds, which appears as though its sonic boom bouncing of walls. Guitars in short makes you feel lost in its unparalleled swirling sound that drowns your presence in its wierd essence. The bassist and the drummer too deserve applause for their sheer incredibilty. The bass doesn't mimic the guitar unlike most bassists in death metal acts and the drummer too covers up his part decently by playing some groovy beats and handling quick tempo shifts with ease.

Apart from the instrumentation, the song construction too gets a well mannered approach by Demilich. The unusual arangements in the song may seem uncoherent that creates a snse of chaos, but in the end it all seems very coherent and ordered. Nowhere in the album will you find a point, where they throw in random riffs just create an added sense of incoherence. Vocals used on the album are nothing but abnormally low growls sounding close to a belch. But that goes in perfect with their theme of exploration of the unknown and abstarct realm. Songs that makes your ear beed in the album are plenty but I personally pitch for Inherited Bowel Levitation - Reduced With Any Effort,The Sixteenth Six-Tooth Son of Fourteen Four-Regional Dimensions (Still Unnamed) and The Echo (Replacement).

In the end if you are still confused as to what Demilich might sound like, then play Evoken and Meshuggah side by side and then start headbanging to Demilich. With bizzare themes and song titles with equally abstart song structures and instrumentation, at some point the album begins to strike you as though the members have taken to HP Lovecraft's lore of bizzare mythos where every creature comes of an unknown dimension and unknown realm where no one else has ventured. But in the end you experience total nerve wrecking havoc from Nespithe just like equally horrifyng ends in Lovecraft's Cthlhu tales that you secretly enjoy. IF you are ever want to listen to technical death that's not in the veins of Necrophagist,Obscura or even Decapitated, then Demilich's Nespithe is just the album for you.

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