Sunday, November 8, 2009

Revocation - Existence Is Futile

Revocation! What a band! What a revelation! And indeed one amazing revelation it has been, the discovery of this awesome band called Revocation. When I first read the name under MetalUnderground's list of September month's upcoming metal releases, I instantly googled the name to find out more about them, only to be greeted by the words ''Next Big Metal Band'' which tagged the band name in almost each and every website they got themselves listed. Yeah right! Thats what I told myself when I read it; afterall which new band doesn't proclaim themselves as the next big act( Cyanide Serenity - ''next big thing in the UK metal scene'' were an absofuckinglutely piece of bullshit). But nevertheless the curious part in my brain registered the name Revocation and I eagerly waited to check the band out. And when that momentous time arrived to check them out, my brains literally disintegrated a..p.....a..........r...................t.

Existence Is Futile finally ended my personal futile search for 'the' next on-the-rise technical death outfit. As is the case of most new bands, which I shall repeat here once again, where the 'new' act pathetically sounds like a clone of another well established act, Revocation breaks free from all such pathetic incumbency with their unique on-the-face-melting riffs that totally leaves you gobsmacked as heard in tracks like Existence is Futile and Dismantle The Dictator. With a powerful and aggressive sound which is played with undeviating pace and intensity, Existence Is Futile holds your presence in its grip like clutched in iron-claws. The sheer quality of riffs along with those equally awesome hooks and catches being churned by their guitarist Dave Davidson is enough to rival other lesser act's discographies and maybe some bigger but now obscure acts too.

And its not just the guitars that hooks you up, but Dubois-Coyne equally adept skills behind the drums and Anthony Buda's rhythmic use of thumping bass guitar(which for a change from most albums, is being clearly heard on the sounds) that pushes the album's overall status to an almost godlike position. With their blanket of high precision instrument handling coupled with brilliant song structures, Revocation has ushered a new breed of extreme metal in their album Existence Is Futile. Brain Scramblers and Pestilence Reigns are some of the other tracks where Davidson drops an entire cauldron of riffs to carry an entire album. The sonic achievement which Revocation achieves in Existence Is Futile is sure to last long and it will surely lead them on path to greater things in the field of extreme metal.

Merging together elements of technical,death and to some extent even thrash, Revocation's Existence Is Futile appeals to whole broader spectrum of metal audience and not just a single specific group. As intense and interesting the album gets on the playlist, Existence Is Futile is sure to keep your puny head dizzy for a long, long time after some maniacal bouts of headbanging that's sure to follow after Davidson lets all his frustration loose on the guitars. Compiling melody with technicality and perfect song structuring, Existence Is Futile is quite a masterpiece in the field of extreme metal too and if you call yourself a die-hard fan of extreme metal(not the modern deathcore bullshit),then get your ear-drums ruptured and your necks snapped to Revocation's Existence Is Futile.

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