Sunday, November 8, 2009

Great Indian Rock 2009 - Bangalore

Finally the last week of October arrived. And with it came 2009 edition of Great Indian Rock in Bangalore. Frankly speaking I was really stunned when RSJ got Satyricon to play in last year's GIR edition that too for 150 bucks a ticket, which was a real huge cheap ass bargain any metalhead could lay their hands upon. And so I was naturally expecting RSJ to get another big name act in the line of Enslaved,Detonation,Satyricon they had got in their previous editions. But then I was surprised when I saw names like Slostate,Intronaut and Benea Reach glazing the posters of this year's GIR edition. No! Not surprised(surprised wouldn't be the right word), I was left in a very sour mood after seeing such pathetic names.

But nevertheless, like most hip urbane college going student who has a knack to wear a 'cool' black metal T shirt, of whom he hasn't heard a single song of, I had a knack of checking out firang bands playing live on stage. Luckily Inner Sanctum and Kryptos happened to accompany these firangs that day! And so I eagerly buy my ticket of GIR to watch these bands play. Now from my numerous gig experience I have realized one thing - the starting act is always the shittiest act. And Parachute XVI lived up to my expectation of being a shitty act playing the starting slot(last year SlingShot fulfilled that dubious nomination). And luckily my decision to smoke outside with my friends came helpful because none of us could bear to hear that pathetic rock piece of music they happened to play.

Next came Inner Sanctum, who as usual tore the place apart with their raw energy that brought droves of metalheads into the moshpit. Playing all their songs from their EP, Inner Sanctum were tight as ever with their primal energy radiating off the stage into the crowd unlike the very lethargic Parachute XVI. The crowd by now had started to trickle in and I too had walked at right at this juncture, straight into the moshpit. After all if you don't mosh to Sanctum, you don't do justice to their music. Sadly the time constraints(I still thought the organizers had ample of time on hand) had kicked in and after completing their set, Sanctum couldn't play to the encore which was resonating the arena(though there were only 300-450 people in a place that could pack in at least 5000 people). And then came Kryptos , the omnipresent Bangalore band which plays in each and every concert, Kryptos. Not that they are bad, but these guys get to play at so many gigs that sooner or later you start to get bored of them.

But nevertheless Kryptos played a good set though their bass was a tad too high. Nolan constantly asked the crowd to form the moshpit at their every alternate song, which I never understood why. Why would any single metalhead with little bit of sanity left in them, mosh to a band that plays thrash/doom mix? I dont know and I didn't mosh to. By now I happily walked to the back of the arena where I could hear Motherjane playing playing in the Octoberfest which was being held right next to GIR(it was more enjoyable,in fact). Apart from the usual tracks, Vulcan,Descension and Towers of Illusion being played Kryptos also played a new track Mask of Anubis which was quite a decent thrash effort.

Solstate who came as soon as I finished my last smoke and as soon as Kryptos ended their set, where a relatively new to my ears.(I got caught smoking my last ciggie by the organizers, those suckers couldn't catch me earlier!) I never moved my ass to check their myspace page 'cause I was never interested in hard rock and related act, that when they are from New Zealand of all the places. But they did sound good and got a pretty decent reception considering Bangalore metalheads abhor rock bands playing in metal concert(Rainbow Bridge got boooed real bad last time, but then I thought they got such a good response because they happen to be whites).

At the end of this, the charms of Octoberfest had succeeded in pulling me in to its net(Friday too they had dragged me in), and I walked into Octoberfest after Solstate ended their performance. However I must make myself honest over here, although I did walk into Octoberfest and got myself drunk in there, I did walk to the GIR/O'Fest border to check the next act that was Benea Reach - progressive mathcore act from Norway. As usual I never checked them out, but frankly speaking I was blown apart when those thumping beats registered in my ears across the fence. Though I didn't see them play, I did hear them play and that was more than enough to contend my gluttonous soul. The breakdowns, the drumbeats were simply unimaginable. And then I regretted for my gluttony that allowed me to neglect Benea Reach and drink in the 'Fest. And thats all I can say about them 'cause thats all I could remember from my drunken sojourn. As for the rest I cant remember anything and if I do recollect anything its irrelevant here. So thats all folks. Next time no matter what obscure act RSJ get for GIR I am definitely checking them out without getting drunk.

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