Friday, July 31, 2009

Gorod - Process Of A New Decline

France has been putting out some great death metal for some time. Gojira has risen far past my expectations, but upon discovering Bordeaux’s Gorod, my outlook on Europe’s impact on tech death changed immediately. Their prior albums Nuerotripsicks and Leading Vision are incredible, but the sheer immense of the new material simply shatters its previous achievements. The States has always dominated technical death scene with Atheist and Cynic, and now with such bands as Arsis, Dying Fetus, Decrepit Birth and Sickening Horror. But now, Gorod and Germany’s Necrophagist help prove that the other hemisphere can hack it too.

All the problems with modern technical death metal are pretty much eschewed and forgotten about on here, and replaced with a hungry, bloodthirsty and insanely complex template that resembles something like a truck slamming into you at 100 mph. There is not a wasted note on this album, and leaving exaggeration aside - every second of Process Of A New Decline is spent thoroughly on mind-blowingly technical riff/lead layering executed by Mathieu and Arnaud with a furious, blistering intensity that will singe your eyebrows off within the first couple of songs. And they never let up, through eleven songs and fifty minutes of winding, twisted insanity, of completely relentless mathematical fury. Most death metal albums get tiring around that point, but not Gorod; these guys know what they're doing. They have more focus, anger and intelligence in one guitar string than some bands have in their entire arsenal.

The guitars beautifully harmonize in Disavow your Gods, playing off into each other into the song's end. And when the playlist reaches Programmers of Decline, the track barrels through the gates firing on all cylinders with a careening tempo that will leaved you pumped up like you just drank a bucketloads of Red Bull.And thats not the end toof their unimaginable possession of envying bundles of musical skills as evident on Rebirth of Senses where they successfully pull off a slow burner brilliantly. The band is always doing something to constantly enthrall the listener ,providing a lively, ear-pleasing jolt to the senses. Even on the more melodic notes, calculated Watershed would leave you dazzled as it ends.

Process Of A New Decline plays as a soundtrack to the merciless hacking and total destruction of a mainframe computer database, a mechanical and impartial Armageddon upon the whims of humanity's technological follies. Nobody ever thought technical death could sound this good after Cynic. And this clearly seems to be their very purpose of staying in the scene - never do Gorod stop sounding like they have a mission to accomplish. Gorod have created a serious ass-kicking beast here, and if this is what they can do now, I shudder at how powerful they might grow in a few more years.

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