Friday, July 31, 2009

Workshop - Khuni Murga

Now this album is not meant for the faint hearted, or you might end up getting a heart attack from the amount of laughing you would have done reaching up to the album's end. Yes, this is what you get when four talented goatish musicians in a very wanton mood decide to record their songs on masturbation and jerk offs and so on in to their debut album. To all those who thought 'Bhenchod Sutta' or Devang Patel's pee-pee gimmicks are the coolest and most laughable song ever,then shove a stick up your ass for Workshop's Khooni Murga is here to drive them out.Workshop 's debut album Khooni Murga strikes the perfect chord though in a very randy way right from the word go ,which immediately sums up to the listeners choice!

Workshop opens up a whole new- untouched genre of Indian metal scene- comedy metal which till now might have considered a bit too lewd by others!('Cause people know that it aint funny if it aint randy)!With The Demonstealer (Sahil Makhija-vocals,rhythm guitar- of Demonic Resurrection,Reptillian Death), The Rijunator (Riju Dasgupta-bass,- ofOld Monks), The Hamzoid (Hamza Kazi-drums- of Eggless Love Cakes) and The Rajbot (Rajarshi Bhattacharya-lead guitar), Workshop cleverly steers the listener to a whole new level of metal music.

Khooni Murga starts of with 'She Folked Up My Jazz' a hard rock piece about a jazz musician getting dumped by his folk loving girlfriend!Aa good start to the album, the opening track marks the beginning of more roller-coaster tracks to come down the play list.'Pudhe Sarka' (marathi for 'aage khisakh') is a blazing thrash metal track acknowledging the unfortunate commuter's dilemna on a BEST bus due to no chnage!'I Came' the next song is one song that every male listener will relate to as it beholds the glorifying moments of the the 1st time a boy masturbated! With cheeky lyrics like 'Here I am with a loaded gun,it's pointed at you baby here I cum', you are sure to drop dead rolling on the floor laughing!Best of all it ends with 'and I'm all out of sperm'.

'Chati ke Saath Panga' is a song which makes a very somber attempt on dark humour- much about a certain daaku Kamala Devi who uses her agonizingly long breasts to torment people.The song sounds funny only due to its comical lyricls and vocal melody or else you would be forgiven for mistaking it to be a black metal track.'Garba Gandu' is about a Gujju looking hopefully to find a 'bangable' chick on a Garba night. Hamza's ratta-ta-ta-ta snare that sounds like dandiya drumming marks the pinnacle moment of the song giving it a very Meshuggah feel!Next up is the very funky recipe 'How to Make a Demonic Omelet' With crushing riffs, it 'instructs' you to make an omelet when you are in a very demonic mood.Next one, one of my fav,'Kothai Doro Cho' pokes at a Bong who feels urge to deposit what cannot be digested at a social gathering, and is running around looking for a place to do so. The deadly E-major barrage makes the track sound somewhat like a Gojira track

'Bunty aur mallika Sherawat' is more of a Bunty aur Babli spoof with our beloved hero getting swayed over by Mallika Sherawat's boobs.Cookie Monster', a pop-punk ballad about fighting a losing battle against sleep while chatting with a female e-pal/pussy hopeful. It has the distinction of being called 'cool' by none other than metal's master of innovation, Mathias Eklundh of Freak Kitchen & Soilwork.Khooni Murga finally ends with the death metal sounding title track, providing this hillarious journey of listening to the album a well suited end.

Workshop-the latest achiever of KVLT status, clearly seems like a band that has taken upon themself the oath to deliver the most offensively funny songs they can come across even if it means peppering the album with zillions of cliched metaphors for penis or breasts or what-so-ever other perverted digs they may come up with.With each member harmoniuosly integrating in every inch possible, horns must raised in the the most upright manner to honour them with the distinction they so well deserve for producing the most funniest songs in metal in the coolest style possible!

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