Friday, July 31, 2009

Gutslit & Pulmonary Fibrosis - Contorted Mutation Split

In the two thrashing years they've been around, Bombay's Gutslit have come up as one of the best grind outfit in the domestic metal scene. And Contorted Mutation their debut split CD on Cataleptic Remains Productions(Europe) alongside French grinders Pulmonary Fibrosis stands as a solid proof of that. With each vocalist Nikhil's, guitarist Dynell, bassist Gurdip and drummer Abhishek's mind tuned to brutality, the deadly growls amidst heavily distorted riffs and blastbeats at a high speed tempo create a perfect setup to raise hell in the listener's atmosphere. And eventhough Pulmonary Fibrosis play a similar role in the beginning of the disc, its the bad sound quality of their tracks that fails to create the virulent environ which Gutslit succeed in doing in their half of the CD.

As mentioned Pulmonary Fibrosis starts the brutal assault with Rancid Corpophagous Blists which in its unrelenting blastbeats and spine-chilling growls of Adrien create the perfect gore atmosphere. The carnage carries on to the next two tracks as well with regular on-mike vomits by Guyome, who also happens to be the drummer. And finally things end on a bloody note with grinding sounds of Rectal Spinal Boiling Slaughter, leaving the listener in a macabre state of mind.

However Gutslit starts on a different note compared to their French counterparts, with its intro carrying chaotic screams and noises, sounding similar to that of a victim getting slaughtered by a psychopath. In fact every track in their segment start with such gruesome narration of an unspeakable act of crime, that one may start to think as though the devil himself is behind all this. But this wicked act only adds up to the brilliant savage mood their side of the disc creates. Right from Boiling in Bile to Eviscerating The Stillborn and the Catherine Wheel, Abhishek blasts through the tracks amidst those vile, distorted riffs minus any fancy pickings or wild solos that would make Six Feet Under appear as guitar heroes. Moreover a word of appreciation must be given to Nikhil for his extremely wide ranging vocal capabilities, which only adds another layer to their music.

Overall its a brilliant effort by both the bands, though Gutslit overshadows its peer. The production is also pretty muffled up with the sound quality ending up on a good side for Gutslit only and not for Fibrosis. Contorted Mutation is sheer brutality and carnage right from the start and a must for every grind lover's collection. And if things stay in the right track for Gutslit, who knows maybe they could be the next big thing in the metal scene in a shortwhile

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