Friday, July 31, 2009

Zakk Wylde Goes On A Ranting Rampage About Ozzy

So Ozzy showed his lead guitarist Zakk Wylde the door, but our man here hasn't taken this too lightly. Staying relatively calm in the beginning about the news, Zakk finally explodes in the end, going on to say''You gonna fucking treat me like a dick? Fuck you.” while talking to a radio station about his expulsion.

Now if he has been expelled without getting contacted by Ozzy, then his frustration is totally understood. But with this recording now, there doesn't seem the slightest chance of Zakk going back to the band and guess he must be going back to his Black Label society days. And if things aren't worse already for Zakk, then have a say at this - Ozzy Osbourne is the godfather of Zakk's child!

Check out the conversation here.

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