Friday, July 31, 2009

Hail Of Bullets - Warsaw Rising EP

Its been just a year since Hail of Bullets came out with their debut album Of Frost and War, that they are back again with their latest piece of work Warsaw Rising EP. With Warsaw Rising, this Dutch death metal supergroup have delivered an EP in the same format favored by many established bands. Featuring two new tracks, a cover and three live recordings, Warsaw Rising is hardly an essential, but nevertheless it provides a solid headbanging experience amidst there terrific live prowesss.

With the guitarists from Thanatos, bassist from Houwitser, drummer from Gorefest and the indomitable Martin van Drunen (ex- Pestilence, Bolt Thrower) behind the mic; Hail of Bullets is completely in the likes of Autopsy and Bolt Thrower, churning out lofty war-themed death metal in the old school style. To be more precise, musically the band operates within mid-tempo confines, rolling out some major crunches on Warsaw Rising. However those looking forward to those moments of brilliance displayed in their debut album( in tracks like Ordered Eastward,Berlin) may be left disappointed on a high note.

Although Warsaw Rising features no such moment, their two new tracks Warsaw Rising and Liberators, both achieve par for Hail of Bullets' crater packed course. And eventhough both these tracks invokes the listener to headbanging and fist pumping action with their massive chug-along guitar tones, none of these tracks depict the fine majesty that characterises the band's finest tracks. On the other hand its the live recordings
Nachthexen, Red Wolves of Stalin and The Crucial Offensive; that most effectively brings out the true atmosphere of the band's music by singing about war, soldier and weapons.

In fact these live tracks convey the band's on-stage energy so accurately, that you might feel like rushing onto the stage and getting your ears explode to their sounds yourself. The high expectations that followed Hail of Bullets post-Of Frost and War were not exactly fulfilled in this EP. With just two new tracks, more things are left to be desired from the band. HoweverWarsaw Rising is definitely worth your time if you are eager for some new down-tuned and crushing death metal.

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